Salvo Coatings was formed with the specific purpose of advancing coating technologies in many industries by integrating experience from a variety of coating backgrounds. By utilizing the specific industry experience and knowledge of the group's constituents, Salvo Coatings was able to cross over field technologies and consider coating technologies from a wider perspective. In addition, adding off-shore production capabilities enables the company to produce formulations with very competitive pricing, meet strict compliance to specifications, and at a capacity in the millions of gallons annually.

Specializing in custom formulations for industrial, medical and military applications, Salvo Coatings can develop cost-effective solutions for existing processes, as well as develop new coatings for prototype and preliminary designs. Salvo Coatings prides itself on being able to provide cost-competitive products with better performance than existing technologies.

Salvo Coatings has sales offices in Tampa Bay, FL and Atlanta, GA and manufacturing facilities in Orlando, FL and Korea.
Careers at Salvo Coatings
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Our Management Team
The principals of the company come from various backgrounds and industries. Their various experiences include working with coatings for medical instrumentation, marine applications, appliances, ophthalmic lenses, optical thin films, and diamond light hard carbon, as well as nano-coatings and others.

The Salvo Coatings Group believes in quality and efficiency at every level. Most of the engineers are Six Sigma Black Belts or Lean Manufacturing Senseis. Using these methodologies, Salvo Coatings can reduce on-hand inventory for our customers by holding Lean Manufacturing bins and provide statistical reports to control, validate or improve current processes.


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