The product range of Salvo Coatings is as wide as the various fields of expertise of the technical staff. Products such as metal forming lubricants, road paints, epoxies (including fusion bonded), optical thin films, enamels and marine coatings only scratch the surface of what is available.

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Salvo's polymer lubricants contain highly-refined raw materials in a concentrated form, which enable increased die life, higher drawing speeds, greater production efficiencies and better metal surface quality. With the metal forming industry in great need of improving productivity and reducing cost through reduced scrap, downtime, and material costs, thinking outside the box when it comes to metal formability and the influence of lubricant is paramount. The average metal forming company spends 75 percent of its operating cost on metal and overhead. If tooling upgrades can be avoided or lost productivity can be reduced through a lubricant change, companies will have a new tool for achieving profitability as newer materials create greater demands. Salvo Coatings specializes in creating a lubricant specific to your process rather than standardized off-the-shelf product lines. Machine speeds, temperatures, elevation and metals all have specific needs from a lubricant.
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Salvo's line of industrial epoxies includes single and dual component formulations as well as fusion bonded epoxies. All of the epoxies are developed to adhere to substrates ranging from engineering plastics such as polycarbonates, acrylics and ABS, to steel, aluminum and other metals. Shear and peel strengths for bonding polycarbonates are about 1,000 psi and 20 psi, respectively, while steel and aluminum bonds yield shear strength as high as 1,800 and 1,500 psi. Temperature range is -100 to 230F. The products are also capable of resisting thermal cycling and mechanical vibration and shock. Electrical insulation properties are excellent, even after prolonged exposure to hostile environmental conditions. Salvo compounds cure readily at ambient temperature or more quickly at elevated temperatures, and can even use moisture cure when needed.

Fusion Bond Epoxy
Fusion Bond Epoxy is an environmentally-safe thermosetting coating that is sprayed onto the pipe surface after it has been cleaned and heated to over 450F. The epoxy powder melts onto the steel surface and fuses to the pipe, creating a hard barrier. This coating drastically reduces the amount of current required for cathodic protection to prevent corrosion. The coating has been laboratory and field tested to assure customers of proven protection that will last for generations.
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Immersion/Submersion Coatings
Salvo Coatings offers rubber-based swimming pool coatings designed to withstand the harsh environment, including the effects of wear and weather on swimming pools. This coating is also used in fountains, reflection pools and fish ponds. It has a hard, flexible finish and is easy to clean.
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Salvo Coatings offers specialty enamels including high-gloss alkyd, high-solids, fast-dry and high-temperature enamels. All of the products are extremely durable with great leveling characteristics, and depending on the materials, Salvo Coatings has low VOC content materials which allow for maximum usage with less solvents, as well as lead-free coatings and primers for ferrous metals. These single-component coatings have excellent rust prevention properties. The enamels will coat wood, metal, and masonry surfaces and are washable and easy to apply with excellent hiding characteristics.
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Waterborne Primers
Salvo's modified acrylic water based primers are used on various surfaces including steel, galvanized iron and aluminum. The primers are extremely water resistant and have excellent adhesion. They dry quickly in air and pass 200 hours of salt spray with minimal creepage or rust, and 200 hours of water soak with minimal blistering.
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