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Salvo Coatings micro-patterned optical filters combine patented microlithography expertise with state-of-the-art coating technology to enable smaller and simpler optical designs for portable or complex optical systems. This exclusive technology enables patterning of multiple dielectric, metal and color filter arrays on a single substrate.

Standardized processes have been developed and are used today to manufacture these filter arrays in a new, world-class optical semiconductor waferfab specifically designed for this purpose. The process is scalable to wafer-level glass or semiconductor volume production, and supports tens of millions of custom micro-patterned optical devices delivered annually.

Salvo Coatings patterned coatings are used to enhance performance in a multitude of biomedical, industrial and aerospace OEM applications – enabling next-generation integrated optical devices that are more compact, robust and cost-effective.

At Salvo Coatings, we focus our operations to support customers in developing their next-generation imaging and sensing equipment. With a toolbox of processes and technologies, we can quickly design the most effective way to develop products based on your application or product functionality. Our application engineers work with you to quickly assess your requirements and provide a proposal of technical feasibility.

Some of the design parameters and decisions are based on:

  • Substrate: semiconductor wafers, optical-grade glass, fused silica or other materials
  • Number of filter bands combined on one substrate (multispectral sensing)
  • Filter design parameters: transmission bands, blocking specifications
  • Feature geometries: smallest size, tolerance in position
  • Alignment accuracies and available alignment markers
  • Defined (e.g., ESD) handling, dicing, finishing, testing and packaging

The equipment in our Class 100/1000 wafer fabrication cleanrooms have been selected and custom-designed for micro-patterned coatings, enabling us to support ultra-small (μm) pixel-level features for imaging applications. We use the latest coating technology, including IAD evaporation, magnetron sputtering and ion beam sputtering techniques. In the lithography fab, semiconductor-style mask aligners are used to handle wafers up to 8 inches.

Currently, we can implement and combine the following designs and materials:

  • Custom wavelength bands | UV, VIS, NIR, SWIR
  • Dichroic | bandpass, short-wave pass, long-wave pass, BBAR & more
  • Metallic | high reflector, dark absorber, apertures, neutral density & more
Optical Technology UtilizationMultiple Industry Applications
Multispectral sensing for spectroscopyNon-invasive biomedical imaging
Multispectral imaging with custom CCD & CMOS sensorsRemote sensing for satellites, defense & precision agriculture
Precision reticles & alignment patternsIndustrial quality control sensing & imaging
Patterned pixels & aperturesColor mixing for entertainment lighting
Focal plane arrays (FPA)Light intensity control in industrial equipment
Color mixing & dimmingSensing for consumer wearables
Variable/gradient filtersIntegrated custom optics for scientific devices

Our patterned optical filters are covered by patents in micro-patterning technologies (US patent 7648808) and pixel filter array on substrate (either on glass or directly on sensor/detector wafers) methodologies (US patent 6638668).

Patterned Optical Filters - Bayer Pattern

Bayer Filters

  • Custom Bayer & mosaic filters created with standard RGB gels, dichroic coatings or a combination
  • Simultaneous acquisition of all wavelengths allows for point & shoot, and real-time data
  • Reduces SWaP, allowing for applications with minimal space (UAV)

Patterned Optical Filters - Stripe FiltersStripe Filters 

  • Space-qualified filters used for multispectral imaging
  • Narrow line widths & minimal unusable space between filters
  • Options from VIS to SWIR ranges

Patterned Optical Filters - Active WafersActive Wafer Deposition

  • High volume for semiconductor & cell phone industries
  • Processing of customer-supplied material (up to 8 inches)
  • Improved S/N on ambient light, proximity & biometric sensors

Patterned Optical Filters - Precision ReticlesPrecision Reticles

  • Custom reflective & transmissive designs
  • Scaled, aligned & range-finding
  • Micron scale precision

Patterned Optical Filters - Gradient Filters

Gradient Filters 

  • Fine quasi-stochastic pattern
  • Smooth fades & mixing
  • Dimming

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