One specialty of Salvo Coatings is Linear Variable Filters scalable with volume and is a compact solution for many of today’s optical challenges. By compressing the optical train, LVF’s allow users to make spectroscopic devices with a monolithic element (Sensor plus Filter). Mount a linear still maintain resolution consistent with the needs of most applications. Similarly, placing the same linear variable and you can create a snapshot hyperspectral imager. Place it on a scanning system, and it’s a push-broom hyperspectral imager with full resolution

Salvo is currently a market leader in UV/VIS, VIS/NIR, and SWIR LVF’s. Meeting some of the most challenging requirements, nominal bandwidths of 1% (FWHM) of center wavelength, peak transmission of 70%, and linearity of ±0.5%. In addition extremely high gradients deposited on a variety of substrates and optical glasses. In addition, Salvo Coatings’ sister company EOITech ( is able to take commercially available sensors, remove the cover glass if needed, and mount the LVF filters directly to the sensors.

This combined service makes Salvo the go-to choice in LVF production and implementation.

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