Custom optical coating is the foundation of our solutions.  The heart of Salvo Coatings is precision optical coating – with decades of thin film engineering experience and a portfolio of advanced optical coating platforms to match your performance, throughput and cost requirements.

• Ion Beam Sputtering (IBS)
• Magnetron Sputtering (MSP)
• Ion-Assist Deposition (IAD)

Salvo Coatings is up to providing all of your optical coating needs from standard optical filter samples to scalable wafer-level OEM production.


Bandpass Filters
Optical bandpass filters selectively transmit targeted spectral bands and block out-of-band wavelengths across the range – improving signal-to-noise ratio and improving contrast…customized for central wavelength, spectral bandwidth, blocking range, and blocking level.

Edge Filters (SWP, LWP)
Short-Wave Pass (SWP) filters selectively transmit shorter wavelengths and block longer wavelengths.  Conversely Long-Wave Pass (LWP) filters block shorter wavelengths and transmit longer wavelengths.

Linear Variable Filters
Linear variable filters are specially engineered and coated short-wave pass (SWP) or long-wave pass (LWP) filters with a variable edge position shift down the length of the filter.  By combining SWP and LWP linear variable filters, we provide a variable bandpass filter.

Color Filters
Highly saturated dichroic colors matched to your specific requirements.  Stable spectral characteristics ensure consistent color across all environmental conditions.

Patterned Color Filters
Full CMY color mixing across a wide color gamut with smooth mixing, continuously adjustable color temperature optimization, and customized colors based on the lamp spectrum.

Color Conversion / Correction
Match your existing lamp or LED light source with the desired color temperature of your application using spectral shaping filters – while improving color rendering and maintaining high luminance.

Notch Filters
Optical notch filters are the inverse of bandpass filters, selectively blocking targeted spectral bands (such as laser wavelengths) and transmitting remaining wavelengths across the range…customized for notch wavelength and bandwidth, blocking depth, and transmission range.

UV – IR Filters
Effectively remove infrared (IR) heat and/or damaging ultraviolet (UV) radiation produced by broadband light sources without reducing or distorting the visible spectrum.


Dichroic Mirrors
Dichroic mirrors guide light by selectively transmitting and reflecting different wavelengths – commonly used to combine light from multiple LEDs into a common light path, or in reverse separating white light or fluorescence excitation and emission bands into discrete components.

Cold Mirrors
Separate heat and light by reflecting visible light and transmitting infrared radiation – commonly at a 45° angle (also available for plane mirrors, reflectors, and other optics).

Hot Mirrors
Inverse of the cold mirror, separate heat and light by reflecting infrared radiation and transmitting visible light– commonly at a 45° angle (also available for plane mirrors, reflectors, and other optics).

Broadband Mirrors
Dielectric and metal coatings (enhanced silver, enhanced aluminum, gold) are used for high reflectivity reflectors and fold mirrors in illumination and projection as well as other custom optics.

Optical Packaging

Antireflection Coatings
Broadband and custom-tuned antireflection (AR) coatings ensure high light transmission through optical systems and mitigate ghost effects, especially where there are multiple surfaces.  AR coatings can be incorporated with spectral filters, and are commonly used on optics, sensors, and display windows.

Black Chrome Absorbing Coatings
Internal reflections (ghost effects) and stray light can be mitigated by the use of high absorption / low reflectance black chrome coatings in critical areas – commonly used as patterned apertures on sensor lids.

Solderable Coatings
When a lid or window requires a hermetic seal, a solderable gold-based multilayer coatings can be applied to glass, fused silica, sapphire and other material for the best possible bonding and sealing.

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